Dear IKEA-people

Dear IKEA people,

Weren’t taxes once meant as a kind of crowd funding avant la lettre to pay for things as schools, healthcare, science and support for charities like the Animal Ambulance and other rather useful things?

The reason I write you is the following: I came across a cry for help from the Animal Ambulance in Amsterdam. They were asking for funds to replace their vehicle that had become so outdated that is was insane to use it any longer. the people that work there as volunteers offer true value to society and they expect nothing in return but a friendly smile.


…. so we at the Ministry of Contra-Diction have a request for you: We – the society (you customers) – think it’s tame dat you pay (almost) no taxes, for instance in the Netherlands.

Because MegaCorps like IKEA, Nestlé, Coca Cola, Google and Starbucks pay no taxes the society – your customers – gets caught in a trap where doing the right thing is no longer possible because of lack of funds. If IKEA would take time to look further into the future than 1 quarter you can imagine how disastrous this will work out in the long run.

Ruben L. Oppenheimer ‏drew this informatie schema on februari 13th for your customers.

His Tweet

“By combining loopholes in several countries IKEA avoided paying 1 billion in taxes.”

1 thousand million. Or to keep it in animal ambulance terms : 25.000 ambulances.

The consequences are felt in many areas of society. Medical care, education, scientific research, the arts are not cash restrained any longer. No, they are on the brink of collapse. And that must not be a good business environment. Right?

Is that what you want? Create a society void of any volunteers, only consumers waiting for the next Easter Sunday to go on a buying frenzy?

So this is our call to you: we are offering our friendly hand to come join us and run a society. How much fun is that?

Take another look at this fantastic documentary about the Tax-Free tour:  De Tax Free Tour – Tegenlicht
… and think again in the boardroom….and guide your fellow multinationals back on track of being truly socially engaged, not just by reporting just enough CSR to keep shareholder meetings quiet – stop the Taxfreetour!

Kind regards
Doris Voss – Minister of Contra-Diction


PS. It would be truly sympathetic but because of the urgency actually necessary to sponsor that Animal Ambulance. It’s a drop in your well funded bucket and will have a huge effect against animal suffering. Via this link you can make a donation and your accountants will even find a legal way to subtract the donation from that tiny amount of taxes to be paid …. so be it.


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