Ministry of Contra-Diction

The Ministry is a project/idea that Doris Voss and myself are brooding on.
We constantly run into this issue:

a) Government screws things up, either by no policy or by policies instigated by corporate lobby
b) Government hires the same pack of suits that tells them to start a program without S.M.A.R.T. goals
c) All the money goes to the project, kickoffs, glossy flyers, but not to the goals themselves
d) The suits self evaluate and conclude that more money is necessary
e) goto a)

What we believe is necessary is an independent group of cross-thinkers, question askers, non conformists to second opinion Government programs, review plans, help to refocus policy makers to make goals S.M.A.R.T.

Our work is grassroots networking, bringing people and ideas into contact with each other and helping clarify entangled historic networks.

People who talk to us on Twitter and Facebook and the phone usually want to meet us and always say that the work is so eye opening, that it is important and bladiblabla.
Point is that we run this business from the gutters, no one pays for Contra-Diction but everyone thinks it is necessary.
“Can you make a graph / document / review of this or that”. Yes we can, if…….

So from now on the ministry is on a hunt for funds to make our effort visible, documents professional, we can hire people to do research, become socially acceptable in boardrooms of government bodies and corporations.

For starters we will gather some of our work here on this blog until funds arrive to have a proper website.
Until that time…. enjoy!

Doris Voss (Minister of Contra-Diction)
Lars Boelen (Secretary of Contra-Diction)

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