Our program

The Ministry of ContraDiction

The Ministry of ContraDiction might realize the following goals. We can’t make promises because our counterparts are stuck in place. We have discovered that Cocas-Cola is really good for getting stuck things loose. If enough funds are available the Ministers can make the goals S.M.A.R.T. and start a projet to realize the goals. Many projects are looking for a Minister.


1) In September or october 2015 a civil gathering in Amsterdam(Ministers Doris & Lars)

… to hand the Prime Minister a petition to not go into appeal in the won Climate Lawsuit

2) The Money for the Greeks should go to the Greeks  … (Minister Doris)

and not toDeutsche Bank, DNB a nd Goldman Sachs

3) National Smoke alarm (Vacancy)

everybody under 18 tabaccofree (force the Tabacco Industry to follow up on their promise to make cigarettes unattractive for children (dark brown package 20 euro package with sigarettes tasting like overcooked sprouts and vomit with the text : “Thank you for your money, The Tabacco Industry”)

4) Start “The Pricacy lawsuit” because of countless breaches of privacy laws  (Vacancy)

Dutch government is again failing to live by the laws it signed (a.o. European Declaration of Human Rights)

5) Debunking the Governments Spaghetti-programs (like JoGG)(a.i. Minister Doris)

… eradicate PPP because it sucks out money meant for civil initiatives and hand it over to Private Talking Suits

6) Civil Accountability Audit Tool (a.i. Minister Lars)

Civilians get the option to send home officers appointed by the government to monitor boards of Public Organisations. If they don’t bite hard enough they do not get an extension after their first half year.

7) Stop the Dutch TaxFreeTour (Vacancy a.i. Minister Lars)

It is a bloody shame that rich civilians of failed states (and companies doing business there) get to store their wealth in Dutch Funds where virtually no taxes are paid and nothing gets returned to poor failed states like Greece.

Our conclusion so far is that the TaxFreeTour is the major cause of these issues and solving that issue will free funds to take care of the rest of our program.

Currently the Ministers are

Doris Voss

Lars Boelen


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