Letter to the Pope

Amsterdam, August 13th 2015

Dear Pope, Honored Holy Father,

My name is Doris Voss and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I write as civilian, not  a member of any organization.

As you may have heard the civilians here in the Netherlands won a lawsuit against the Dutch state where the judge ordered the government to give substance to the climate change actions promised to the Dutch population. I am sure that your ambitions for a healthier Planet Earth have helped the judge take this difficult decision.

Point is however that the Dutch Government is contemplating an appeal against the verdict. But in my humble opinion there is no time left to linger!

I would like to ask you for a favor.

In September or October I would like to arrange a small meeting here in the “Old Church” in Amsterdam with these three gentlemen, that I haven’s spoken yet but who will for sure join me if you help me:

  • Artist Daan Roosegaarde who recently visualized The Netherlands below a rising sea level (Film,  Waterlicht Museumplein )
  • Jon Gnarr (who until 2014) as mayor of Reykjavik did a tremendous good job of transforming the Energy supply of the Icelandic capital.
  • Leonado di Caprio, who, as an actor but also as civilian campaigns for the climate cause
  • Doris Voss as Minister for ContraDiction

We would like to arrange that our Prime Minister receives from us, representatives of the people, a deceleration not to go into appeal and to respect the judges’ verdict. (Dutch civilians win their Climate Class action lawsuit….Now What?)

Waterlicht Taart

Left:  visualization of The Netherlands below Sea level © Daan Roosegaarde 2015

Right:  visualization of the necessity for our generation to take climate action © Lars Boelen 2013

It is our sincere belief that if we give the Dutch government the right nudge at this moment that a worldwide turn in sustainability thinking can be realized.

I would like to ask if you could persuade Naomi Klein, your sustainability Apostle, to come support our cause.

The combination of “a won climate lawsuit” and “Naomi in name of the Pope” and the people present at the meeting in the setting of the “waterlight” form Daan Roosengaarde in the “Old Church” in Amsterdam will get global attention for this just cause.

When Mrs. Klein hands the petition to the Prime Minister it could be the butterfly stroke necessary to start the hurricane of public consciousness for better and smarter climate policies worldwide.

We ask you to support this initiative and help make it a worldwide success.

Kind greetings

Your Doris